About Us

Alex and Dan grew up a stone's throw away from each other in rural Cambridgeshire. Sharing many interests, they quickly became close friends through school, and developed various weird and wonderful ideas for future businesses together - though zoo design was a non starter.

When an opportunity arose to study Creative Media Technology at Leeds Beckett University, they both jumped at the chance. Graphic design, branding, and web development had always fascinated them. From this, they both realised a clear path for the future.

Yowly was born.

Our Process

Any successful project comes from a solid foundation. Knowing and understanding the needs and aims of a job or client helps to create work that has purpose and flair.

Through research, design, trial and delivery, we craft personalised and purposeful products for a wide range of needs. Be it a full campaign, a deep and engaging site for high traffic volume, or a website for a smaller personal endeavour, we have the passion and drive to help you with your project! Just drop us a line and tell us what you’re up to!