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Nicholas Claxton

Nicholas Claxton has been an integral part in the production of a wide range of Documentaries. He approached us in August 2018, as he was looking for a platform to display and promote his work, as well as a base from which he can spread news about his upcoming projects.

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Where it started:

Nicholas approached us in late 2018, after being shown our way by a previous client. After a couple of phone calls, we met up with him in central London, where he outlined his vision for what he’d like to get from a brand new website.


The site should be clean, whilst also offering space for a varied and detailed insight into his work, both past and future.

Nicholas Claxton & Bob Geldof


The website had the goal of being a reference point for all of Nicholas’ work, as well as being a base from which he could make people aware of his upcoming work. Nicholas requested that we kept to the ethos of clean, logical and bright design, which he’d seen through our portfolio.


The key elements of the site were to be the homepage (below), which needed to provide a friendly and welcoming introduction to the audience. Lower down, the site page needed to refer people to some of the highlights of Nicholas’ career so far, as well as make them aware of projects that are coming up. This was important, as the site could have the goal of showcasing the varied subjects and formats of Nicholas’ portfolio.

Nicholas Claxton Site Screenshot Yowly Web Design & Branding

In Conclusion:

We were really pleased with the site, and how it promoted Nicholas’ work. It completes all of the tasks that were laid out at the start of the project, whilst on top of that also being what we feel is a bright, modern and eye-catching design.


Nicholas confirmed to us that he was happy with how bright and tactile the site was to use, and that it will form a key and valuable part of his online presence going forwards.