SH Painting & Decorating

In the SH Painting & Decorating project, we helped modernise and develop the brand of an established painting & decorating company. We produced a Logo, colour pallet, business cards, invoice template, and a fully custom wordpress enabled website, as well as branding for their van. As the company had an established client base, it was important that the new brand identity appealed to their target market.

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The Story

Stuart Hildyard and his wife Karin operate a bespoke painting and decorating service, with Stuart having been in the industry for over a decade. They were looking to modernise and expand their business when they approached us in the summer of 2017.


They asked us to help give identity to their business, as well as make it competitive with their competitors. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them, their brief and their ambitions.


Brand Guidelines

Having used Playfair Display as the foundation of the logo, we searched for a complimentary sans-serif typeface that could match it, to create a combination of typefaces that could work across all of Stuarts branding and media. We decided on Open Sans, as this combined well with Playfair, whilst still being strong enough to carry weight in the website.


We then looked into colour schemes, and decided on a trio of dark grey, white, and a purple to black gradient. We felt that the dark gradient was elegant and eye-catching, appealing to the target audience of SH Painting & Decorating.

SH Painting & Decorating Brand Guidelines by Yowly

Business Cards

The next step was to combine the logo, typefaces and colours into a business card design. This stage allows us to proof test and consider the strength of our decisions on colours and typefaces, and we were reassured that the typefaces combined to clearly and concisely give all the information that Stuart and Karin wanted to put forward on the cards

SH Painting & Decorating Business Cards by Yowly


The Website was the largest component of the project, and it was important that we put the and consideration into showing stuarts work in as clean and as eye-catching a format as possible. We worked with Karin and Stuart to show the personality and high quality of their work, giving them space to write about their service and how they like to work.


It was also important to give space for testimonials and galleries of their previous work, which we did by giving space for a selection of photos and a paragraph to describe an unlimited amount of projects.

Stuart Hildyard Website Screenshot - Yowly Cambridge


Karin and Stuart wanted to make their invoicing an quoting system look more professional and a part of their new branding outlook. We developed this by using the principles set out in their brand guidelines, as reorganised the information that they had in their previous invoice templates. These new invoices are editable and can be printed or emailed with ease.

SH Painting & Decorating Quote by Yowly

What they said:

“Yowly crafted us a gorgeous, user friendly website; I can confidently say they helped us make the right decisions for our logo, business cards, invoices & quotes. They are creative, talented and will take the care needed to provide you with a great product.”

Karin Hildyard


We thoroughly enjoyed working to such a wide brief with Karin and Stuart, and feel that the brand that we’ve developed for them is representative of their company, clientele, and goals. They offer such a wonderful service that it really spoke for itself, we just needed to provide them the platform to get their voice heard.