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Sue Rapley

We were approached by designer Dan Gould to build the website for Sue Rapley, a Cambridge based artist with a unique and vibrant style.

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The Story.

In the summer of 2018 we were approached by Dan Gould, a graphic designer from Cambridge, to complete the design build a website for Sue Rapley. She’d been an artist with a growing following, and needed a brand new website to promote and sell her artwork, as well as make people aware of upcoming exhibitions and get to know more about her.



For the project, we would need to create page designs based on versions that Dan Gould had previously put together. We would then create those digitally, building her a store and focal point for her artwork, and provide training in how to manage both the website and store.



Sue Rapley

WooCommerce Store

Sue has many international buyers of her artwork and merchandise, so setting up a store which allows her to do this simply and reliably was one of the paramount objectives of the project as a whole. We helped Sue to categorise products into shipping groups, so that we could set up shipping tables for her to be able to sell internationally at pre-formatted rates. She can also offer promotions, group purchases, coupon codes, refunds, and much more.

Sue Rapley WooCommerce


We are so pleased with how Sue’s site has turned out. Based on some great work from Dan Gould, we feel the site offers a fantastic and representative location for Sue to be able to communicate directly to her growing following.


The pastel colour scheme, twinned with the strong but subtle typography, gives the viewer a really balanced and informative overview of Sue and what she’s promoting at that point in time. Dynamic features such as the Promotions bar at the top fo the site, and flexibility of the headers on the Store page allow sue to promote specific pieces and collections, whilst not being too shouty about them.

Sue Rapley site

What Sue said:

“The site is looking so beautiful thanks to the super talented guys at @yowly_creative for crafting their technical wizardry! And, to @dangoulddesign for elegantly translating my vision for my new brand identity. My dream website and store is looking amazing.”

In Conclusion

Sue Rapley’s site presented a new challenge to us. At that point in time, it represented the first online store that we’d been tasked to put together and — although complicated — we really valued the learning curve and were pleased that it came together smoothly.


Sue now has the means through which she can market, promote, sell, and ship internationally, and we’re so pleased that she’s able to do that!